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1. All you need to know about darts!

All you need to know about darts! 

When you first think of darts, you might think of the odd game in the pub with a pint. Well darts has come a long way and outgrown the image of something just played in the pub. It is a game that provides a challenge as well as fun. Here are five need-to-know things to get you started:  

  A little history  

The first games of darts as a sport began in the 1300s with soldiers. They threw spearheads at empty wine barrels in a competition style game. The first games of darts as we know it, started there on the battlefields.  

 What you need to get started? 

Darts is a great value and easy to start game. You can set it up in your home, shed or garage easily by mounting a dartboard on the wall. There are a huge range of dartboards available from beginner to professional depending on your budget. Then add some darts and you can start the game with no additional equipment or training needed.  

What games you can play?    

Start with a total such as 301 and throw darts until you reduce to zero. If playing on your own, challenge yourself to do this in the smallest number of throws instead. You can also play ‘round the clock’. You throw a ‘1’ then a ‘2’ then a ‘3’, all the way up to 20, in order.  

Who can play?    

Anyone can play darts from children to adults. As it involves quite limited movement, it is a good sport for people of all abilities. Just make sure everyone playing follows some simple rules of safety.    

How do I avoid damaged walls?    

You can choose a magnetic or electronic version of the game if you wish. Equally, you can use a backboard or wooden cabinet to protect the walls.    

Darts is a challenging and rewarding game that anyone can play. A great home sport that gets people talking! 

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