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2. The types of dartboards on the market

The types of dartboards on the market

You might think on first glance that all dartboards are the same. Well, not all dartboards are made equal and there are some quite big differences to consider. If you are thinking about investing in a board, you might have a few ideas about what to choose. Whether you are looking for something for beginners or professionals, consider some of the options available. Here are a few things to look out for:


Although cork boards are available, most dart boards are made from a different natural material. They are bristles made from sisal, which is a desert plant. It has extremely stiff bristles that are perfect for holding a dart thrown into a board. The higher the density of sisal used the better. This will avoid the darts ‘bouncing out’ which can irritate even the calmest player. This bristle is used across boards of all types.

Best in a Box?

Many people like to mount their dartboard in a case or cabinet made of wood. These usually have integrated doors that cover the board and make it look like a simple cupboard. They often have scoreboards and sections to store the darts inside. They can also protect walls from wandering darts. They are a good option for dartboards in the home.

Alternative Boards

You can get a magnetic darts board if it is for children or you are concerned about damage. These are inexpensive but equally not accurate. At the other end of the scale, you can choose an electronic darts board. They are not cheap, so choose one with good reviews to ensure the darts are decent.

Getting a dartboard will bring a healthy sense of fun and challenge to your home. Just make sure you do your research to guarantee the most enjoyment.