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Harrows Supergrip 90% Steel Tip Darts


Product type: Darts

Vendor: Harrows



* Precision made from 90% tungsten, these Supergrip darts are designed for advanced players, who require a more severe grip, for ultimate non-slip performance.
* The hi-tech barrels feature a unique inverted grip which allows the fingers to locate firmly, for ultimate control over the dart’s aerodynamic performance.
* The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with black Supergrip shafts and supergrip flights.
* Shaft: Supergrip
* 21G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 6.6mm
* 22G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 6.8mm
* 23G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 6.9mm
* 24G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 7.4mm
* 25G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 7.4mm
* 26G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 7.7mm
* 28G Length: 52mm / Diameter: 7.8mm
* 30G Length: 52mm / Diameter: 8.3mm