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Harrows Spina 90% Steel Tip Darts


Product type: Darts

Vendor: Harrows



* Spina is a concept borne out of the idea to create a dart focusing on perfect balance, along with a powerful grip.
* Using rigorous machining techniques, we have created a dart for players who demand optimum feel and consistency.
* The reverse-hook cut on the front and rear of the barrel ensure an astounding level of grip, whilst the finer shark-cut grip at the taper guarantees consistent finger placement throw after throw.
* Spina 90% darts are available in both black and gold titanium nitride models, both of which are completed with eyecatching, blue metalLic coated rings, SUPERGRIP FUSION SHAFTS AND PRIME FLIGHTS.
* They are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams.
* Shaft: Supergrip Carbon
* 21G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 7.2mm (Black)
* 22G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 7.3mm (Black, Gold)
* 23G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 7.4mm (Black)
* 24G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 7.5mm (Black, Gold)
* 25G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 7.6mm (Black)
* 26G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 7.7mm (Black, Gold)