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Harrows Paragon 90% Steel Tip Darts


Product type: Darts

Vendor: Harrows



A 90% Tungsten parallel dart with an abundance of contrasting cuts, Paragon showboats the proficient machining capabilities that we have at Harrows.
* Divided into 10 symmetrical segments, the dart debuts the Quadcut; 40 Diamond like grip zones, milled to perfection.
* As a result consistent release and control are guaranteed.
* A complex 5 stage CNC process combined with 2 coating phases makes Paragon a work of art, both visually and techinically
* Shaft: Supergrip Carbon
* 21G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 6.6mm
* 22G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 6.7mm
* 23G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 6.8mm
* 24G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 6.9mm
* 25G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 7.1mm
* 26G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 7.2mm