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Harrows Ice 90% Steel Tip Darts


Product type: Darts

Vendor: Harrows



* To produce these super cool darts the purest 90% tungsten powder is fused with nickel, iron and zinc, using an Isostatic Cold Extrusion process (I.C.E), to create a dart of unrivalled concentricity and uniform high density.
* Each laser marked barrel features reverse cut grooves, for extra thrust and ultimate control.
* The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with clear Supergrip shafts and marathon flights.
* Shaft: Supergrip
* 21G Length: 46mm / Diameter: 6.9mm
* 22G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 6.9mm
* 23G Length: 46mm / Diameter: 7.5mm
* 24G Length: 49mm / Diameter: 7.0mm
* 25G Length: 46mm / Diameter: 7.6mm
* 26G Length: 50mm / Diameter: 7.4mm
* 28G Length: 52mm / Diameter: 7.3mm
* 30G Length: 52mm / Diameter: 7.6mm