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4. Why it's time to update your old dart board!

Why it's time to update your old dart board

Do you have an old dartboard hanging on your wall or on the back of the door? It has probably served you well over the years, but now it is time to think back. How long has it been? You have probably had that dartboard for quite a few years. Here are some reasons why it is perhaps time for an update:


Your old dartboard is probably well used. That is likely to mean it is riddled with holes. Moreover, the sisal or cork has quite likely become very dry. Now, when you throw a dart at the board it will be a little hit or miss. The loosen grip might mean many losses or bounce outs that should not have happened. A new board will improve your dart accuracy and your confidence.


Your dartboard might have cost quite a lot of money back in the day. These days, dartboards are actually great value and it is a low-cost hobby. Replacing your board is probably cheaper than you think. It might also reenergise your enjoyment of the sport.

Take a Step Up

While replacing your old dartboard, why not take a step up. Swap from a beginner to a professional dartboard. Invest in a fixed backboard or a wooden cupboard. Choose something a bit better than what came before. Also, think about your darts – perhaps choose new flights, personalised to you. There are so many options that you can choose to make your update unique for you.


It is likely your old dartboard is in need of an update. Take time to reinvigorate your enjoyment of the game with a new dartboard. For a more accurate and engaging game, look no further. It might be much better value than you imagine, and you will see the difference it makes. Game on!